Ravilious: Train at Night

Ravilious: Train at Night


A passenger train, blazing with light, crosses a bridge over a country lane, illuminating the dark village for a few moments as a magnificent plume of smoke billows from the funnel. Ravilious was a train traveller both by inclination and by necessity, and here he shows a train from the perspective of villagers whose streets are dark and whose homes are lit by candles. The artist painted this view in 1935 from the top of the “old hump-backed” river bridge over the River Colne, which marks the

parish boundary between Castle and Sible Hedingham. At this time Ravilious was living in Bank House, Castle Hedingham with his wife Tirzah, and this painting is one of a series featuring scenes from his life in Essex.

Edition size limited to 500 copies. 
Image size 30 × 37.4 cm, paper 36 × 43.3 cm. 
Retail price £155.00 including carriage.

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